Welcome to Wildergarten! If you care for people who care for land, welcome home.

Here you can learn about our 34-year (2023) native plant restoration project, one that transformed an entire 14 acre landscape overrun with weeds for 200 years, terraced into an orchard, abandoned, and overgrown, now independently validated as hosting the purest restoration in North America, if not the world. A site that once hosted only 60 visible species, now exceeds 390. Restoring the land starts with people, but you know, it works the other way around too!

Here you can learn the historical origins of a destructive cultural mythos holding “Nature” as self-optimizing only when separated from people, and the mounting ecological damage that results from this delusional philosophy on a continental scale. You won't hear about this from the corporate mass-media.

Here you can train your eyes to see the environmental damage done by this activist/government behemoth. From cities to national parks, the evidence is presented via quick-to-read "picture books."

Here you can learn how a corporate collectivist system of international "administrative law," has slowly displaced "We the people" with total disregard for either Constitutionally enumerated and limited powers or the separation of powers. This is a mass assault upon individual rights on behalf of the collecivist interests beholden to the exceptionally wealthy.

Here, you can learn how the people can build a new society of citizens capable of maintaining representative SELF-government, based in the most essential of social principles.

Unlike most every contrarian site, whether complaining about government verusus claiming to protect the environment, here you can study concrete proposals for how to transform our corrupted system of political control into a TRUE free market that can do a better job at lower cost, including concrete examples HERE, HERE, and HERE. The goal is a gradual implementation and displacement of the existing paradigm. This is not the corrupt “nature’s services” gambit, with pricing set by the system’s bureaucrats and pet academics, but an industy trading in services to mitigate measured and actuarially-determined risks, businesses competing to improve product quality and lower costs to reduce or offset those risks.

This site also explores the potential for the human factors in that new industry, a 21st Century, low-impact, quasi-nomadic society operating in parallel with agro-urban development, conducting basic research, process development, and developing detailed processes dedicated to optimizing the vitality of wildlands, forests, and rangelands, enhancing their capacity to support both wildlife and people as a key contributor to both environmental health and national security. This proposal is based upon discoveries of an ancient system that was never implemented, lost soon after it was first proposed 3,500 years ago. This is probably the most libertarian national defense model ever devised, with an experiential base derived from thousands of years of continental-scale land management. Elements of the plan date from at least the late Pleistocene, as confirmed by the accumulated archaeological and geophysical records.

This is a site like no other. Here you will learn not just “why” but “how” to do what CAN be done, offered to you by a patriot who asks nothing else of you but to study, hypothesize, experiment, measure, analyze, and repeat...


Mark Edward Vande Pol


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